Can We Be Proud of Ourselves as We Celebrate Our Republic's Birthday?

Presenting a viewpoint on some happenings and how various forces at work are being successful in accelerating the end of our culture as we know it. And as our Dominant Culture expires, so does the Republic we once knew. It is later than you think.

by George L. Draper

IT Is always later than you think. And if our guess is right, you most likely give little thought to our Dominant Culture and what it means.

In addition, you might be puzzled as to why our Republic is rapidly developing traits only seen in third world nations. The topics to be discussed are not conspiracy theories. My opinions can be challenged but the cause and effects of our demise cannot be. They are happening. We have placed our notions and comments into an E-tabloid format for both web and pdf viewing.

But we pause for our Republic's Birthday.

Let Us Go To Our July 4th Tabloid



LetUs Go To Our July 4th Tabloid

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A Message to Young Americans_HTML Version

A Message to Young Americans in PDF Version

In an effort to bring some insight as to the reasons for my perception that our Republic is on an Irreversible course, I thought it useful to describe what caused our Founders to be motivated to overthrow the rule of King George II and compose a new rule. A Rule of Law. The Rule of Law was defined and documented in our Constitution.